Summary of Activities
AY 2003 - 2004

NAME:  Dan Curley
RANK:  Assistant Professor

:  Classics

III.  Teaching
III.  Professional Activity
III.  Service

I.  TEACHING     (Professional Activity | Service)

A.  New departmental courses taught:

1.  CL 310: Seminar in Latin Poetry — Vergil's Georgics (Fall 2003)

2.  CC 292: Semester Project in Classics (Fall 2003)

3.  CC 365: Topics in Classical Studies — Murdering Mothers (Spring 2003)

New approaches to existing courses:

2.  CC 222: Greek Tragedy (Fall 2003).  I retained the semester project — production of an "original" Greek tragedy in English — but restructured it to give the students more responsibility.  I taught the course in conjunction with CC 292 (above, A.1), a one-credit add-on that provided a weekly common hour for students to meet and discuss their project.  The students' play, Medusa, had a student director, Jen Ginsberg ('04), who was enrolled in both CC 222 and CC 371 (Independent Study), which counted toward her Theater major.  Apart from the semester project, I also required the students to perform in class short scenes from every play we read; the result was an enhanced understanding of how ancient tragedy worked in a community setting.  Finally, I required students to hold panel discussions on select aspects of the genre.

2.  CC 220: Classical Mythology (Fall 2003).  I required students to hold panel discussions on select mythological themes and tropes.  I also added an extensive peer-review process to the semester project, which was to write an original Greek myth in English.  Finally, I added a new lecture on myth in American popular culture, focused on the Batman character in comics.

3.  CC 100: English Vocabulary in Greek and Latin (Spring 2004).  I added a semester project that asked students to coin new Greek- and Latin-derived words based on different scenarios (e.g., the effects of a terrorist bioweapon on the human body, or an unusual cultural practice).

4.  CL 210: Intermediate Latin — Caesar's Gallic Wars (Spring 2004).  I added new requirements this year:  memorization and recitation of a passage from the De Bello Gallico; stylistic analyses of Caesarian prose; and peer-driven prose composition exercises.

A.  Use of computers or multimedia in teaching:

1.  I created a web site for most of my courses, typically consisting of an online syllabus, a timetable of readings and events, links to other web-based resources, and guidelines for assignments and other class projects.

2.  I once again used my online textbook/workbook ÆON (Ancient Etymology ONline) for CC 100: English Vocabulary from Greek and Latin (Spring 2004).  []

B.  Curricular work-in-progress:

1CL 310: Seminar in Latin Poetry — Ovid.  I last taught Ovid in the fall of 1999.  My sabbatical project on the Metamorphoses will inform a new seminar in fall 2005, my first semester back.

C. Pedagogy workshops:

1.  Panelist for the Academic Integrity Workshop (September 26, 2003).

D.  Other:

1.  I guest-lectured on Greek tragedy in Michael Arnush's HI 202 — Greek History class (November 21, 2003).

II. PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITY     (Teaching | Service)

A. Publications:

1.  "Ovid's Tereus: Theater and Metatheater" in Alan Sommerstein, ed. Shards from Kolonos: Studies in Sophoclean Fragments (Levante Editori, Bari: 2003). 163-197.

2.  "Splendidior Vitro: Horace and Callimachus."  Classical Philology 98.3 (2003) 280-283.

3.  "The Alcaic Kid (Horace, Odes 3.13)."  Classical World 97.2 (2004) 137-152.

4.  "The Tragic Page: The Heroides and the Theater of the Epistle."  Under revision.

5.  "Homeric Hospitality in Callimachus' Hecale."  In preparation.

6.  Review of T. M. Green, The Greek & Latin Roots of English (Rowman & Littlefield, 2003).  In preparation for Bryn Mawr Classical Review.

7.  Theater and Metatheater: Transforming Tragedy in Ovid.  Book project in preparation for Ohio State University Press.

B. Professional meetings attended:

1.  Critical Divergences: New Directions in the Study and Teaching of Latin Poetry.  Rutgers University, October 24-25, 2003.

C. Workshops attended:

1.  Junior Great Books Certification Workshop.  BOCES, September 19-20, 2003.

D. External Grants:

I applied to two agencies for external funding to support my sabbatical leave in AY 2004-2005.  The results of my applications are below, along with the results from a third application I made in AY 2002-2003 — one of which was successful.  In all three instances I sought support for my book project, Theater and Metatheater.

1.  National Endowment for the Humanities
       Amount of funding requested:  Term of 12 months ($40,000.00 maximum)
       Date applied:  May 1, 2003
       Date rejected: December 1, 2003

2.  American Council of Learned Societies
       Amount of funding requested:  Term of 12 months ($30,000.00 maximum)
       Date applied:  October 1, 2003
       Date rejected:  March 1, 2003

3.  Loeb Classical Library Foundation
       Amount of funding requested:  Half salary from AY 2003-2004 ($22,410.00)
       Date applied:  October 30, 2003
       Date accepted:  March 3, 2003

III. SERVICE     (Teaching | Professional Activity)

A.  Administrative responsibilities in department:

1.  I attended every department meeting and participated actively in departmental matters (Fall 2003 - Spring 2004), including the search for my sabbatical replacement.

B.  Committee responsibilities:

1.  Honor Code Commission (Fall 2003 - Spring 2004).

2.  Honors Forum Council (Fall 2003 - Spring 2004).  In addition to attending bimonthly meetings of the Council and overseeing applications to the Forum, I served on the Academic Festival subcommittee.

3.  CEPP Subcommittee on the First-Year Experience (Fall 2003).

4.  Residential Life Initiative Committee (Spring 2004).

C.  Advising responsibilities:

1.  Advisor of two senior Classics majors (Fall 2003 - Spring 2004).

D.  Other community activities:

1.  I participated in a junior faculty Discussion on Diversity (February 12, 2004).

2.  Panelist for a Discussion on Electronic Portfolios (April 7, 2004).

3.  I attended every Faculty meeting (both the regular monthly meetings and one of the two "Faculty-only" discussion sessions (Fall 2003 - Spring 2004).

4.  I participated in Commencement Exercises (May 22, 2004).

5.  I attended a gathering of faculty hosted by President Glotzbach (October 27, 2003).

6.  I attended a gathering of junior faculty hosted by Sarah Goodwin (November 18, 2003).

E.  Saratoga Springs and region:

1.  Parent-Teacher Organization, Corinth Elementary School (Fall 2003).

2.  I was an advisor for an Odyssey of the Mind project undertaken by the third-grade students at Corinth Elementary School (November 2003 - March 2004).

Respectfully submitted,

Dan Curley
Assistant Professor of Classics
Skidmore College

June 1, 2004