Summary of Activities
AY 2007 - 2008

NAME:  Dan Curley
RANK:  Associate Professor

:  Classics

III.   Teaching
III.   Professional Activity
III.   Service

I.  TEACHING     (Professional Activity | Service)

A.  New courses taught:

1.  CC 290: Research in Classics (Spring 2008).

A.   Use of computers or multimedia in teaching:

1.  I created web sites for most of my courses, typically consisting of an on-line syllabus, a timetable of readings and events, links to other web-based resources, and guidelines for assignments and other class projects.  My web sites this year automated for example, I programmed many of the initial pages to display automatically the agenda for upcoming classes.

B.  Curricular work-in-progress:

1CC 365: Classics on Film (Fall 2008).

II. PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITY     (Teaching | Service)

A.  Publications:

1.  "The Tragic Page: The Heroides and the Theater of the Epistle."  Under revision.

2.  "Homeric Hospitality in Callimachus' Hecale."  In preparation.

3.  Theater and Metatheater: Transforming Tragedy in Ovid.  Book project under revision for Ohio State University Press.

B.  Professional meetings attended:

1Parilia:  An Undergraduate Conference in Classics.  A conference devoted to undergraduate research and professional development.  Skidmore College, April 18, 2008.

C.  Workshops attended:

1Intergroup Dialogues Workshop.  Skidmore College, May 19-21, 2008.

2Consortium for High Achievement and Success Humanities Faculty Forum.  Mount Holyoke College, May 28, 2008.

III.  SERVICE     (Teaching | Professional Activity)

A.   Administrative responsibilities in department:

1.  Chair of the Classics Department.

2.  Chair of search committee for Jackie Murray (Fall 2007 - Spring 2008).

B.   Committee responsibilities:

1.  Faculty Executive Committee (Chair, Fall 2006 - Spring 2007).  This year the Chair's duties included additional meetings on revisions to Part Six of the Faculty Handbook and meetings of the DOS-DOSA Review Committee (subcommittee of CEPP).

C.   Advising responsibilities:

1.  Advisor of 14 first-year students, three sophomores, and one senior.

D.   Other community activities:

1.  I attended every Faculty Meeting.

2.  I attended every Chairs/Program Directors and Academic Staff meeting.

3.  I attended Freshman Convocation (September 2, 2007) and Honors Convocation (April 29, 2008).

Respectfully submitted,

Dan Curley
Associate Professor of Classics
Skidmore College

June 30, 2008