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CL 310 : Resources

Encyclopedia Mythica

An encyclopedia of mythology, folklore, and legends, containing over 6,100 entries on gods, goddesses, heroes, and fantastic creatures from all over the world.

Two sections relevant to epic: Greek Mythology (deities) and Greek people (heroes and heroines).

Essential Latin Grammar: Clauses

A guide to the most common Latin subordinate clauses, and how to locate and discuss them.

Written by Professor Curley for his Latin courses.  (44k, MS Word format).


An online tutorial that presents the basics on the most common poetic meter, dactylic hexameter.

Both experienced scanners and novices can benefit from this website, which features illustrations, audio files, and a glossary of technical terms.

L'Annee Philologique

L'Annee Philologique is a journal devoted to indexing all scholarship on every aspect of Classical Studies in a given year. All research projects in Classics, even undergraduate ones, begin here.

The online L'Annee currently indexs scholarship from 1920 to 2012.


TOCS-IN indexes the contents to over 185 Classics, Near Eastern, and Religion journals from 1992 to the present.

Though not the most comprehensive database of scholarship, TOCS-IN can give quick access to recent articles in mainstream journals.

PHI Latin Texts: Ovid's Metamorphoses

An authoritative online version of Ovid's text (ed. Miller and Goold, 1977–1984) from the Packard Humanities Institute.

Use the Concordance and Word search features to get a sense of Ovidian language and style.

See the Semester Project page for other research resources.

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