Assignment for Friday, 04.30.21

Dear Intermediate Latinists,

For Friday, April 30, please do the following.


Shelmerdine, Chapter 31, on the following forms and concepts. Note any questions along the way.

  • Subordinate Clauses in Indirect Speech (#132, pp. 281–2).
  • Impersonal Constructions (#133, pp. 282–3).
  • More on the Dative: With Compounds, Purpose (#134, pp. 283–4).
  • Review of Cases: Genitive, Dative (#135, p. 285).


Due noon (EST) via email.

  • Translate Reading 44 (p. 286), breaking it into individual sentences, per usual.
  • Translate the following sentences into Latin:
    1. It is right that we run as quickly as possible in order to win.
    2. Let her not see those things which it is not right to see.
    3. They say that the Romans, who captured Greece, were conquered by Greek arts.
    4. If you (pl.) had warned the sleeping poets, they would not have shouted too loudly.


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