Final Exam due Wednesday, May 12

Dear Intermediate Latinists,

Please note the following.


Officially due noon (EST), on Wednesday, May 12, by email and by phone. (Though I will accept exams through noon on the following day, May 13.)

I have sent you the exam via email. Please complete it according to the instructions provided in the document itself, and return all parts to me by the above deadline.

The exam emphasizes Shelmerdine, Chapters 27–32. You’ll see that it’s worth 235 points, plus 25 bonus points for the OPTIONAL Part E (read-out-loud). In my opinion, the exam is no more complex than others, nor is it out of sync with the work we have been doing lately.

As stated in the instructions, the exam is open-book, open-note, open internet. Apart from that, I expect you will work entirely on your own and uphold the Honor Code.

Feel free to email with questions about the exam. Questions about larger theory are preferred. If you ask about a specific portion or question of the exam, I’ll do my best to steer you toward the correct answer without giving it away. As usual, feel free to use our class email list. And, if you would prefer to meet via Zoom, we can arrange that, too.

Good luck with your other exams, and have as good a summer break as you can. I’ll see you when I see you.


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